The Politics of Midterm Mania

Time to wax political…

As this 2018 Midterm Election Day closes out what’s being called the most critical midterm election in U.S. history, I share a sampling of some political stories I covered for NewsFix which may bear down on tonight’s results, including what’s being called ‘The Kavanaugh Effect,’ voter suppression accusations– like those that hit Texas this past summer, the Arizona political climate with the death of Sen. McCain, the War of Words in the White House in recent months with figures like Omarosa, and perhaps even the Paul Manafort trial…for pursuit purposes.

One thing you’ll find in my political stories is I don’t take sides. Really. I’m an old school journalist, at least that’s how I was taught back on the high school newspaper. I just stick to the facts…although sometimes accurate facts can be hard to gather in a political firestorm. However, you’ll find I don’t hesitate to go for a laugh when the perfect film clip fits. After all, what’s politics without political satire? That might be the only saving grace that can keep us all watching!



Greg Onofrio
Host / Narrator

Mike Hubberd

Michael Blake Hunter, Curtis Shubert, & Eddie Shannon

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