50 Years of Sgt. Pepper

Perhaps the greatest album of all time was born in 1967 when The Beatles released ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Every Beatles fan has a favorite tune somewhere on that album. And so when the 50th anniversary was approaching, a group of us at NewsFix decided to celebrate the Beatles’ monumental achievement in a very big way. Here follows a total team effort with our salute to the Fab Four via a collection of reports and interviews we experimentally collected and strung together. Sort of just like the lads did way back when….only we aren’t quite as mad geniuses as they were. (We swear no acid was dropped in the making of this production. In fact, no hard drugs were involved at all. This isn’t that kind of experiment!) But hopefully we made Sgt. Pepper proud…wherever he might be today.

Scott Sparks
Host, DJ for Houston's The Eagle

The Fab Five

Dan Workman
CEO, Sugarhill Studios

Fallon Davenport
Producer / Narrator

Mike Hubberd

George Burnett
Graphic Designer

Jason Morrow
Sound Design

Heikki Mustonen & Lakisha Lemons

Adam Buchanan & Ryan Henderson

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