NewsFix in Space

How can you live in Space City, U.S.A. and not be a space buff? Personally, I’ve always loved the Final Frontier…and when you mix it with camp humor and a little bit of hokey 50s Sci Fi– you get ‘NewsFix in Space.’ This was my favorite franchise for a lot of reasons but mostly because it was pure fun and light entertainment– while still reporting factual news and scientific breakthroughs. We created this fantastic franchise in 2017 and rode the wave all the way to

The 50s Sci Fi of ‘Forbidden Planet’ was a frequent inspiration for NewsFix in Space.

the end…with the final newscast on September 14, 2018. Here’s that final installment of the serial we called, “NewsFix in Space.”

I was a space junkie growing up. More specifically, a “Lost in Space” junkie. So that blend of hokey, campy humor permeates my brand of ‘NewsFix in Space.’

And just to show how we did cover other, serious space news….I’m also including another story I did in 2018 on the promised future Space Force.

May The Force Be With You!

Greg Onofrio

Mike Hubberd

Ryan Henderson & Adam Buchanan
Primary Editors

George Burnett
Graphics Designer

Jason Morrow
Sound Design

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