NewsFix: Top Story of 2018…and more

NewsFix was the newscast of the future— today!

When news breaks…we fix it.

Yes, in the world of News and Television, I’m a Fixer!

I take stories that are broken, detached, or just plain void of feeling— and fix them. I take something bad, and make it good; something good, and make it better; something great, and make it totally awesome! That was always the goal, anyway.

Armed with tailor-made film clips, innuendo, and an edgy attitude we transformed the daily news into an entertaining, interesting, and unforgettable presentation of info.

We specialized in exceptional storytelling….emotional, powerful, incredible. Explosive lead stories with impact— gripping, gut-wrenching, and grabbing local and national headlines.

While at NewsFix I personally developed and relaunched multiple creative brand franchises like ‘NewsFix in Space,’ ‘Lifestyles of the Rich…and Richer,’ and ‘Critter News.’

I also became the designated chief political writer. I strove to dish out political satire at its absolute finest…from both sides and straight down the middle. I strove for balanced coverage — sticking to the facts!

And sometimes when time was of the essence…it was necessary to get a quickie in for Breaking News. That’s what we called a Quick Fix. I share an example of that here, too.

So, here are some of the top hard-hitting stories I’ve done at NewsFix, including the 2018 local story of the year: “Santa Fe School Shooting,” the 2016 local story of the year: “Tax Day Flood,” and some related and other dramatic stories to showcase a little of the flavor of how NewsFix handled breaking news, local headlines, even international news events– and dramatic news elements in general.

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Greg Onofrio

Mike Hubberd

Eddie Shannon, Curtis Shubert, Reggie Yancey, Ashley Bullard, Ryan Henderson, and Adam Buchanan
Primary Editors

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  • 50 Years of Sgt. Pepper

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