Call of the Wild

Just outside of Montgomery, Texas is a place to really howl at the moon. Literally.

‘You seek for Yoda?’…….’Yoda’ is just one of the many wolves living out a healthy life at the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary.

Meet one of Nature’s most maligned creatures- the wolf.

It’s a sanctuary for one of Nature’s most misunderstood and maligned creatures– the wolf. How often as children did we ask ourselves, ‘Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?’

No more fairytales…..the persistent image of ‘the big, bad wolf’ from fairytales like “Little Red Riding Hood” have instilled a negative view of wolves in most of us from our earliest development.

In this 2014 Emmy-nominated report, we visit the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary where wolves are not only revered and cared for…they are transformed into ambassadors to help save their species. In turn, the wolves are giving back to the community and society by performing miracles….according to workers at the sanctuary.

The ‘other’ side of wolves…..St. Francis is allowing wolves to carry out a special role as ambassadors to show the compassionate, loving side of these wild animals.

‘Wolf Day’ allows kids a chance to get up close and personal with real wolves….and learn the truth about these incredible creatures.

This report is filled with some miraculous stories of the wolves bonding with nursing home residents as well as terminally ill children. In every case, we see the wolf in a completely different light from the malicious stereotypes which have been handed down through the ages. Perhaps there’s a lesson here not just for how humans can get along better with wolves…..but maybe a lesson for all of us in learning to appreciate natural differences and tendencies. You might call it a cultural awakening.

Once a year, the sanctuary hosts a special meet-and-greet with the wolves so the public can gain a better understanding– and hopefully, a better appreciation for the work these wolves are doing in the community.

So, take a little trip to a place you’ll never forget– and see why this is one of my favorite stories I’ve produced with nothing but lots of love….even while the fur is flying.

Come and answer the Call…

Mike Hubberd
Producer / Editor

Frank McBride

Robyn Hughes
Art Design

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